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Class Technical Details

Class Maximum: 1

Duration: Student Paced / multiple videos / text / quiz

Student Technical Assistance: 866-887-2834

Voice Evaluation: Via phone / scheduled by student

Class Description

Class title:

Making Money with Your Voice / An Introduction to Professional Voice Over

An online student-paced workshop

Class Description:

If you’ve ever wondered how to begin in voice over part time, full time, or for supplemental or retirement income, this class is an engaging, upbeat, and most importantly, realistic opportunity to learn from the comfort of home at a pace that works for you. 

The class can be accessed via computer, tablet, or even mobile device.

Through video, audio, and written material, you’ll learn about the enormous range in the way voice over is used today, what it takes to be a voice actor, and how to build long-term success. From audio 

books, training material, animation, and commercials to socially relevant content, television, and much, much more, today’s voice over field has become great way to leverage your individual voice qualities and communication skill in a whole new way. 

This class also includes an opportunity to receive a brief, one-on-one voice range and quality assessment by phone with a producer from our studios where we produce voice over content for clients including Netflix, Discovery, HGTV, Disney, Lifetime, Nickelodeon, and many more.

About The Instructor:

For more than 30 years, our team at Voice Coaches has provided voice over production, recording, and communication coaching to clients across the US and abroad. In addition to being active in numerous industry organizations, we provide internships to college students in recording, production, and entertainment business. Voice Coaches is proud to be a 16-year, A+ Member of The Better Business Bureau.

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